• Your Baby’s First & Most Important Test

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    • BabyShield Newborn screening gives your baby the healthy start

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    • BabyShield’s Newborn Screening Test

      Check your baby for over 50 medical conditions

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    • A Simple Test to ensure your Baby’s Health

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  • 2-step testingFor better
  • 1,00,000+Samples
  • 700+Hospitals
  • 150+Centers in
  • Tie-up


    Nestle Vitaflo for

Why Newborn Screening

First & foremost test performed to ensure your baby's health.

  • Conditions Screened

    Detects over 50 hidden genetic and metabolic conditions that go unnoticed if not screened

  • Early intervention

    Identification paves way to early intervention, treatment and prevention of disease progression

  • Recommeded by Paediatricians

    Leading doctors across the world recommends newborn screening for the wellbeing of babies

How Newborn Screening Works

Ensure the safety of your baby with 4 simple steps


    Enrol for the service & receive collection kit


    Our paramedics will safely collect the samples from the baby


    Samples are examined using an advanced 2-step testing process


    Test reports are made available to the parents at the earliest

The first decision as parents. The best decision for your child.

Have you enrolled?

Choice of 4 panels to give

your baby the right start

Test your baby for 7 , 11, 58 or 62 conditions

  • Doctor Speak

    Dr Sushma Kaul , Senior Consultant, Neonatalogy

    Dr. Sushma Kaul, Senior consultant, Neonatology, Apollo Hospitals shares her views about the importance of newborn screening.

  • Doctor Speak

    Dr. Prashanth, Neonatologist & Paediatrician

    Dr. Prashanth, Neonatologist $ Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals, Bangalore talks about the importance of screening newborns for inborn errors of metabolism.

  • Doctor Speak

    Dr.Karthick Annamalai. C, Pediatrician

    BabyShield’s differentiated TMS approach is good. They provide quality report and the paramedics are well trained.

  • Doctor Speak

    Dr Rajesh Khanna, Consultant Paediatrician

    Dr. Rajesh Khanna, Consultant Paediatrician, Birthplace Hospital. Hyderabad talks about the importance of screening babies for genetic & metabolic disorders.

  • Doctor Speak

    Dr. Pardeep Sharma, Paediatrician

    BabyShield’s differentiated TMS approach is good.

  • Doctor Speak

    Dr. K. Babu, Paediatrician

    Very good approach by BabyShield The incidence of fetal echo detecting congenital heart disease is 5 in 1000.

  • Doctor Speak

    Rohit Arora, Paediatrician

    I am pleased to write this Testimonial for Babyshield’s Newborn Screening program.

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