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Are you interested to know more about BabyShield’s newborn screening services? These frequently asked questions will help you understand newborn screening procedure and test results.

  • What do I do after sample collection?

  • Can I interpret the BabyShield newborn screening results?

  • What happens if my child has an abnormal result?

  • Can BabyShield be performed on older children?

The newborn screening kit provided to you also includes envelopes for return shipment. Before attempting shipment please ensure that the requisite forms are filled out and also included in the shipment.

  • BabyShield newborn screening reports are comprehensive, but the results are simple enough to be understood by parents. The technical part of report shall be of assistance to the treating doctor if the baby is suspected positive for a condition.
  • An abnormal result may indicate the need for a second test to diagnose a condition. Further, If the condition is diagnosed, an early medical intervention will play a key role in helping the baby lead a normal life.
    In case of abnormal results, we will simultaneously notify your pediatrician and yourself of the screening results. In case you do not have a monitoring pediatrician, we will put you in touch with one of our networked doctors to initiate the treatment immediately.
  • Yes. Older children can be screened through BabyShield. However, we recommend the test for children up to a maximum of 5 years of age.

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BabyShield offers easy access to your reports with a click. You can now get online access to your baby's newborn screening test results by entering your CRM number and registered e-mail address or mobile number.

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