About BabyShield

BabyShield is India's comprehensive provider of preventive healthcare services with a focus on care for the health and well being of babies and mothers, right from the time of pregnancy. BabyShield presents a complete panel of pre & post-natal diagnostic tests including maternal infectious diseases test, prenatal screening, first milk test and newborn screening test.
BabyShield's testing practices are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL). Comprehensive panels, expeditious reporting and post diagnostic guidance make BabyShield a trusted partner for mother and child care during and after pregnancy.
BabyShield is an initiative of LifeCell International, India's largest and most preferred stem cell bank.

Why Choose BabyShield

As newborn screening is the foremost step taken to protect the baby after birth, it is important that the test is entrusted to a reliable partner.

BabyShield's newborn screening test comes with distinct advantages including:

  • BabyShield is brought to you by LifeCell International, India’s #1 stem cell bank
  • BabyShield’s laboratory is accredited by NABL that implies the highest quality standards employed for testing of the samples. The labs also participate in external quality assurance schemes with leading labs around the world
  • BabyShield has association with key treatment experts across the country to provide treatment and management guidance for babies diagnosed with conditions
  • The test results are made available in the shortest time enabling immediate further course of action
  • A two-level screening protocol that relies on two samples – screening first on blood followed by confirming on urine, thereby minimizing false alarms
  • Partnership with Nestle, global nutrition experts, thereby making available special nutritional supplements through a special access program for babies diagnosed with certain conditions


Case Studies

  • Diagnosing Alkaptonuria

    An 8 month old boy was brought to a paediatrician for the complaint of poor weight gain. The boy was born with poor birth weight and thereafter showed slow weight gain pattern. The child’s diapers were also stained black after urination. The paediatrician suspected metabolic condition and advised the parents to get the child tested. The child’s urine sample was checked by BabyShield’s Newborn Screening Test. The diagnosis of the test was Alkaptonuria.

    Alkaptonuria is a disorder of the metabolism of amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine. Commonly recommended treatments include dietary restriction of the amino acids and intake of a vitamin c.

  • Infant & Galactosemia

    A 4 month old boy was found to be suffering from feeding difficulties, weight gain, vomiting and diarrhoea since birth. He had developed a yellow tint in the skin and eyes. He was born healthy and there was no history of such a condition in his family. Further examination revealed liver enlargement and other complexities. The child’s urine sample was checked by BabyShield’s Newborn Screening Test to rule out metabolic disorders. The diagnosis of the test was Galactosemia.

    Galactosemia is a condition in which the body does not digest the sugar galactose. Treatment for this condition consists of completely excluding lactose from the diet.

  • Identifying an amino acid disorder in a toddler

    A 2 and a half year old boy that was normal for the first two weeks of life after birth slowly developed feeding irregularities followed by episodes of vomiting. Other indications included drowsiness, reduced muscle tone, lethargy and severe dehydration. Initial tests did not suggest any neurological diseases or infection. The baby was prescribed metabolic screening. BabyShield’s Newborn Screening Test revealed Methylmalonic Acidemia.

    Methylmalonic Acidemia can be managed by intake of a low protein diet.