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    Rohit Arora


    I am pleased to write this Testimonial for Babyshield’s Newborn Screening program. I’m currently heading the Neonatal ICU (NICU) at Apollo Cradle Hospital Gurgaon, India which is a 20 bedded Level III NICU with state-of-the-art infrastructure. I’m a trained neonatologist having done my clinical and research fellowship in neonatal-perinatal medicine from London ON Canada. I’m also a simulation scholar and simulation instructor from Texas children’s hospital, Houston Texas. I hope my perspective will be helpful.
    Newborn metabolic screening (NBS) is a well-established practice in most of the developed world where close to 100% of babies are screened for a variety of metabolic disorders. NBS is also gaining momentum in the Middle East and most parts of Asia. In India, however, less than 1% newborn babies are being screened for metabolic diseases at birth. While, government is yet to recognize the importance of NBS, some private players have started to offer the screen in various formats but covering most of the common metabolic conditions on a patient-to-patient basis. BabyShield is one such pioneering company that has dedicated one of its divisions towards NBS promotion. I acquainted BabyShield, while exploring options for performing newborn screen at birth on a regular basis on babies being born at my centre. They have a dedicated team of personnel who are well versed with the logistics around performing the newborn screen. The phlebotomists from BabyShield who draw Heel prick samples are gentle with the newborns. The reporting is generally on time and is also available on E-mail to both doctors and parents. A Geneticist (full time employee with BabyShield) is readily available to discuss the need for further testing and plan therapy in case if the screen comes out positive. But, what I like the most about the company is that, they never shy away from performing educational activities for both doctors and parents, be it in the form of leaflets, CMEs or one-to-one basis, to make them understand the importance of performing Newborn screen.
    Whereas, an ideal Universal Newborn screen program should be state funded and come under public health domain. Privately funded programs such as BabyShield may be as effective until that happens. I wish BabyShield all the very best in their future excursions of expanding the NBS and hope they’re able to cover as many babies as possible until these metabolic conditions cease to remain a public health issue.

    Dr. Rohit Arora
    M.D (Pediatrics)
    Clinical / Research Fellow
    Neonatal Perinatal Program- UWO, Canada
    Simulation Scholar Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston Tx
    Head – Neonatology Apollo Cradle Hospital Gurgaon, India

    Head – Neonatology Apollo Cradle Hospital Gurgaon, India

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Dr.Karthick Annamalai. C


BabyShield’s differentiated TMS approach is good. They provide quality report and the paramedics are well trained.

Dr. K. Babu


Very good approach by BabyShield The incidence of fetal echo detecting congenital heart disease is 5 in 1000.

Dr. Pardeep Sharma


BabyShield’s differentiated TMS approach is good.