Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 11

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. . Here's what to expect in Week - 3 & Week - 4 of Month - 11

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 11
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Week 3 & 4

By the end of eleventh month, your baby might start to take few steps but do not worry if you can’t see her walking already; most children do not walk till 15 months. By this time, you may hear your child frequently calling you and say few other words. Babies tend to express their opinion loud and clear especially during meal times. She is not afraid to let you know her likes and dislikes.

Simple food recipes for babies

Your little champ is growing fast and requires all nutrients to keep her active throughout the day. It becomes difficult to satisfy picky eaters and hence mothers need simple yet healthy recipes to fulfill the nutritional needs. Here are some recipes to help you out:

Peas Puree – Cook peas in hot water and drain when it is cooked. Use a blender to mash the peas finely and make it a puree. You can add flavoured yogurt to the puree for your picky eater who hates veggies.

Healthy Porridges – Mix ragi powder with milk or water and boil it for 5 minutes. Now add sugar or palm jaggery to the mix and cook in low flame for 10-12 minutes. Serve it warm. You can try the same with raw banana powder, almond, sooji etc.

Homemade health mix – You can prepare various health mix powders which can be readily used for porridges, shakes etc. To make banana powder, peel the skin and cut the banana into small pieces. Dry it under the sun and powder it using a mixer grinder. Raw banana powder is ready to use.

  • Apple sauce – Peel the skin of fresh apples and boil them in hot water till it becomes soft. Take it off and cool it by running cold water to arrest the cooking process. Now mash it with a potato masher or use a blender to make a puree. You can add other vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage or cherries to the puree.
  • Sweet finger foods – Try finger foods which can be easily grabbed by the baby. You can dice the banana into smaller pieces so it will not choke her. You can also boil, cook, peel and dice the sweet potatoes which serve as an excellent snack option for your baby.