Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 12

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. . Here's what to expect in Week - 3 & Week - 4 of Month - 12

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 12
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Week 3 & 4

Your baby’s vocabulary develops at a faster pace and it will continue to expand in the coming months. She is so close to walking but do not push her too much to walk immediately. Your baby’s reasoning and motor skills are also developing well; as a result, you can see her taking 2 things in a hand, tuck one under the arms and may go for the third.

It’s Time to Party: 1st Birthday Ideas

Are you excited to have an awesome birthday party for your little one? First birthdays are always special and planning the party can be hectic. Some ideas here will help you plan a perfect first year birthday party without any problem:

  • Babies love balloons and ribbons so while adding the balloons and other decorative items, make sure they are kids friendly. The toddlers who come for the party might want to play with them.
  • Ask a family member or a babysitter in advance to take care of the baby when you attend the guests. This way, your baby won’t feel alone and you can comfortably take care of your hostess duty.
  • Preplan some creative activities for the kids who come to the party. The activities can include some craft projects, simple fun games and surprise gifts for all the kids.
  • Buy a plenty of food items for kids like homemade cupcakes with creative designs, gummy bears, popsicles, colourful candies etc. which will entertain your little guests.
  • If organizing the party is too much work and you do not have enough time then hire a party planner to do the work. You can share your ideas and based on your budget and requirement, they will organize it.
  • Go for a customized birthday cake. There are professionals who excel in personalized birthday cake, sculpturing any theme. You can opt for a theme based cake, a personalized cake or a photo cake.
  • Schedule the party based on your baby’s active hours. Do not plan late in the night or during his/her nap time. Babies get tired easily, so it is important to plan at right time and do not exceed it beyond 2 hours.
  • Prepare a guest list where you can include only close circle of friends and family. Scaling back on the guest list can avoid any overwhelming experience for the baby on his/her birthday.