Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 3

We at LifeCell are here to handhold you on your baby steps into parenting. Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. . Here's what to expect in Week - 1 & Week - 2 of Month - 3

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 3
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Week 1

During the first half of the third month, your little doll has now gained greater flexibility with her joints and muscles. You will find her kicking and moving enthusiastically. You will also find her opening her fingers and bringing her hands together.

Week 2

By this time, your baby would also allow you to get your much needed sleep during nights as her night feeds reduce. However, some babies may still wake up crying and would take some more time to settle down and have prolonged sleep in the nights.

What not to eat while breast feeding?

Last time we explored the foods that can boost the milk supply for your little one. Now, let us look at some foods that you need to avoid or cut back on to keep your baby protected. This might mean that we are breaking the bad news on some of your favourite foods! But hey, the baby comes first, right?

Chocolate: Oops! Your comfort food may well turn out to have laxative effect on your baby. You may find your baby to be fussy or using more diapers, if you’ve been indulging on chocolates. While you don’t need to eliminate chocolate altogether, you can help your baby by cutting back on the amount you eat.

Parsley and Peppermint: These herbs lend a beautiful flavor to your food. They however pose the danger of reducing your milk supply. Be wary of these herbs getting included to dips or other foods.

Dairy: Some babies may develop a skin allergy after being breastfed. During such times, it is best to begin an elimination diet. While all dairy may not be harmful, the best way to find out the culprit would be eliminating different forms of dairy from your diet.

Alcohol: This is a big no-no. Alcohol can directly get to your baby through your milk and can affect your baby in more ways than one.

Citrus: Your baby’s digestive tract is still developing and the citrus from your favourite fruits such as oranges can irritate him and lead him to spit up or be fussy.

Peanuts: Some babies are allergic to peanuts. So it is advised that you resume eating peanuts only after you’ve weaned the baby.

  • Caffeine: We know you are a coffee junkie. You keep yourself going throughout the day by downing many cups of coffee. But when you start nursing your baby, you will have to cut back on your caffeine intake. Your baby’s body is not tuned to process caffeine and this may affect her digestion or sleep pattern.
  • Fish/Seafood: While you needn’t go to the extreme of stopping seafood altogether, you will have to be careful on the kind of seafood you have. Some fish have high levels of mercury which could directly get to your baby through your milk.