Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 5

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. Here's what to expect in Week - 1 & Week - 2 of Month - 5

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 5
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Week 1 & 2

By this time, you will find that your baby is getting friendly with people around him. He enjoys your attention and tries to get a lot of it. As a part of his efforts to get your attention, he makes use of his physical skills such as lifting his head or arching his back or extending his arms and legs.

The boon that is the breast pump

One of the advantages of being a new mother of this generation is the comforts that one has for breastfeeding right from pillows, breast pads and so on. One item that stands out from the rest is the breast pump. The breast pump is a boon for working, as well as non-working nursing mothers in ensuring that their baby receives the goodness of breast milk in their absence.

  • The breast pump allows the mother to express milk and have it stored. The stored milk can be fed to the baby by an attendant in the mother’s absence. Breast milk can be stored up to 4 hours at normal room temperature and up to 5 days when kept in the refrigerator. The milk should, however, be stored in steel containers or milk storage bags and not within glass containers.
  • The breast pump is also useful for non-working mums too who lactate well but their babies are unable to latch on. Milk can be expressed and fed through a sipper or a spoon.
  • Continuous use of breast pump can also relieve the mother from the discomforts of engorgement and heaviness of breasts

How to use the breast pump

  • With an electric pump, wear the breast phalanges over the nipple and start the machine. An electric pump takes about 15 minutes to pump milk from both breasts.
  • Be calm and relaxed while pumping. You may not be able to express milk when you are stressed.
  • While expressing milk using the pump, be in a happy state of mind. It helps to have your baby’s picture and express.
  • Keep your hands clean. Remember to wash your hands before you touch the breast pump.
  • If you would use the breast pump occasionally, you can buy a manual pump with which you will have to squeeze milk using a suction pump. A manual pump can take about 45 minutes to pump enough milk from both breasts