Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 5

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. Here's what to expect in Week - 3 & Week - 4 of Month - 5

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 5
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Week 3

During the 3rd week of the 5th month, you will notice that your little one is taking shorter naps and is more playful during the day. He is also able to keep himself entertained by playing with his hands and legs.

Week 4

By the end of the fifth month, he is also able to distinguish between bold colours. At this stage, some babies may able to recognize their own names.

Daddy Baby Time

In the first year of the baby’s life, mothers get to spend most of the time as the baby is dependent on her for feed and care. However, daddy-baby time is equally important for the healthy growth of the baby. Dad’s touch, embrace, and warmth are important for the baby’s holistic development and a strong father-child bond.

Dads, here are some ideas to make your Daddy & Baby time special:

  • Baby Massage: A light oil massage is important for the development of your little one’s muscles and tissues. Take some time during the weekend to give your baby a nice, soothing massage rubbing his body, back and limbs. Your baby will enjoy the touch and develop a deep sense of bonding with you.
  • Calm the baby: Though it is tempting to hand over a crying baby to the mother, calming him will build confidence and responsibility as a father. Rock him, talk to him and hold him close, take walks around the room or distract him with bright toys. This way, you can support your spouse in taking care of the baby during her nap time or her absence.
  • Short Walks: Carry your little one out in the open. This will be the first step towards great outdoor playtime with your baby as he grows up. Familiarize him with the surroundings outside the house. Start at the nearby park and take him for a walk early in the morning when the air is fresh and the traffic is less.
  • Communicate: After a long day at work, spending time with baby will win over the favourite sports channels. Hold your baby close to your chest and talk to her. Make noises or funny faces and watch her reward you with a smile. From the fifth month onwards you can engage her with games like peek-a-boo.