Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 6

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. . Here's what to expect in Week - 1 & Week - 2 of Month - 6

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 6
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Week 1 & 2

The sixth month is a significant time period as your little one achieves many milestones. In the first two weeks, you can her teeth development. The first set of teeth will grow in the lower jaw and soon two from the upper jaw. It is indeed a treat to watch her give you a toothy smile. She is also very active and playful during this time and loves playing hiding games like peek-a-boo

Baby Proofing The House:

It is not long before your little junior starts to crawl and takes over the entire house with his toys and active movements. This is the time to start thinking about basic baby-proofing of the house to reduce the risk of accidents and infections. Here are some tips for effective baby-proofing:

  • Baby gate the kitchen: The kitchen is an area that has many perils in store right from the stove to sharp edged vessels or worse the kitchen knife. Instead of looking at baby-proofing one thing after another, it is better to get a baby gate fitted in the kitchen door to prevent your active little one from entering.
  • Organize toys after playtime: This can get monotonous. However, it becomes important to put your baby’s toys back into the toy bag/box to prevent your baby from tripping over them.
  • Landing pillows: If you make your baby sleep on the cot, place her on a baby bed with side cushions that will prevent her from falling when she rolls over. If your baby sleeps on a cot, place enough bedding on the floor to prevent her from getting hurt in case of a fall.
  • Bumpers for furnitureThe furniture in your living room may have sharp edges. When your baby tries to stand up on her feet, these can become dangerous. Get rubber bumpers for the edges of your furniture.
  • Door stoppers: Ensure that the doors in every room are fitted with door stoppers to protect your baby’s little fingers from getting crushed.
  • Keep ‘em away: Medicines and liquids must not be within the reach of the baby. Keep them inside shelves so that your baby cannot reach them.