Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 7

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. . Here's what to expect in Week - 1 & Week - 2 of Month - 7

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 1 & Week - 2 : Month - 7
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Week 1 & 2

At this stage, your baby is starting to get independent. He is able to sit without your support. You will be delighted to see that your baby is super active during this time. He crawls around the room and begins to explore his home. Don’t get anxious if he bumps himself during this experience. It is an inevitable part of growing up.

How to calm a crying baby

A crying baby brings the world to a standstill. Our hearts break when we see tears flowing down those tiny cheeks. We push ourselves to do our best to stop the baby from crying. Many times the strategies work, sometimes they don’t. The key to calm your little junior is finding out what is really bothering him.

  • Diaper: Most modern-day diapers stay dry for around 4 hours. It is still important to check the baby’s diaper when he starts crying.
  • Burping: However, some babies may continue to cry even after a feed. In this case, it could be due to the gas formed inside his little tummy. Remember to always burp the baby after a feed. Pat him on the back or allow him to lie on his tummy till he lets out a belch.
  • Check discomfort: Sometimes the reason behind those tears could go unnoticeable. It could be because of a string of hair wound around his little toe causing him discomfort. Sometimes it could be the tag of his cloth that causes irritation. Look closely for these details.
  • Less stimulation: Your baby may feel overwhelmed trying to process too much light, or noise or being passed on from one person to another. In these cases, it is best to move the baby to a serene spot with dimmer lights and lesser sound.
  • Stay Calm: Oftentimes parents lose their cool while trying to calm a baby. Remember, your baby follows your temperament. Remain calm and your baby will follow suit.
  • Feeding: Crying is the only solution that babies have to express hunger, fright or pain. Most often, crying babies can be calmed down by feeding.