Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 7

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. Here's what to expect in Week - 3 & Week - 4 of Month - 7

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 7
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Week 3 & 4

Your little one is growing up fast and is able to relate to your feelings. Towards the end of the seventh month, your baby can express his feelings better. He may show his love to the people he is fond of in the form of kisses. His gums could be sore because of teething. Help your baby with a teething ring.

Say Cheese: How to rock your baby’s photo shoot

It is a good time to start creating lifetime memories for your son or daughter. The photographs that you create from this stage will be cherished by you and your baby for a lifetime. Your baby has started getting active, playful and cheerful. The smiles he flashes steal your heart. There’s no better time to plan a photo shoot. Here are some cool tips to rock your baby’s photo shoot:

  • Let it be candid: Let your baby be himself. Allow him to be in his natural environment and capture those fine moments. Choose a photographer who is an expert at getting the angles right. Don’t try to get the baby to pose.
  • Get down to the details: Your baby is a sum of cute parts! Remember to get focus shots of those cute fingers or ultra-small feet, the back of his head or those pink ears.
  • Be a part of it: Your baby’s shoot needn’t be all about the baby. When he grows up, he would be curious to know how you looked back then. Include yourself or your spouse and grandparents during the shoot.
  • Knock off the props: Keep the background simple. Let it be about the baby and not about the colours or things in the background.
  • Prepare your baby: Feed your baby about half hour before the shoot and make sure he is comfortable in his clothing. A photo shoot doesn’t call for flashy clothes. The focus would be on your baby and not on what he is wearing. During indoor shoots, see to it that the temperature of the room is comfortable. If you are doing outdoor shoots, plan it early in the morning or by evening after the sun goes down.
  • Time it right: By this time, you should have a fair idea of when your baby is most active. Schedule the photo shoot accordingly to get some elegant shots.
  • Do it over days: To get a variety of shots, organize the shoot in parts. Schedule the shoots on different days and different locations to capture many moods of your baby.