Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 8

Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week. . Here's what to expect in Week - 3 & Week - 4 of Month - 8

Your Babys Growth and Development : Week - 3 & Week - 4 : Month - 8
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Week 3 & 4

At this stage, your little one is very mobile! She is beginning to crawl by bottom shuffling or by moving on her tummy. She may also attempt to stand on her feet, holding on to furniture. At this stage, your baby is bound to experience bumps and falls. Do not panic and allow your baby to move. These experiences are an inevitable part of growth.

Pushy grandparents? Tips to deal with parents and in-laws

Your baby is the apple of not just your eye but of his grandparents’ too. It is natural for grandparents to express their love and affection for the baby as they support you in the upbringing of your child. However, parenting is your primary responsibility. Sometimes, owing to the experience they have gathered in rearing their own children, they feel they know a thing or two more than you when it comes to baby care. Parenting best practices keep changing with generations and only you know what is best for your baby. How can you communicate this to your elders?


  • Be Open: Be firm but polite in letting your elders know that your baby is your responsibility. Work together with them in creating responsibilities for them. Open communication can go a long way in avoiding conflicts. Learn some tactics. For instance, if you find that the baby’s granny spends too much time with your baby, let her know that both the granny and the baby need their share of rest and that you would like to take over from her.
  • Don’t treat them like day care: Appreciate the care they show for your baby and do not treat them like day care attendant. Your baby is as much theirs too. If there are shortcomings in the way they care, explain to them gently as to why you don’t think it is the best method to care for your baby.
  • Include them: Each time you visit your paediatrician, share with your elders the advice given by the doctor. This will help them be on the right track when it comes to baby care. Introduce them to the latest baby care products and patiently explain to them the comforts it can give your baby. Teach them how to use them.