Babymoon – 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Babymoon is a romantic short vacation spent by expectant couples before the arrival of the baby. This is a popular concept in the western countries and is slowly trending in India with major hospitality chains offering exclusive couple-friendly Babymoon vacation packages.

During pregnancy, the soon-to-be mother undergoes various physical and emotional changes which can be challenging at times. According to childbirth educators, it is good to relax and spend some special time with your spouse to bond with each other and cope with the pregnancy changes as couples. Babymoon gives that opportunity to expectant couples to rejuvenate and reconnect – a way to prepare for parenthood.

If you are still not sure about taking a Babymoon, here are some reasons why this could be the right thing for you and your partner:

1.       Time to relax

Pregnancy and childbirth can be often overwhelming so it is necessary to take your time to relax and rejuvenate. Though Babymoon is a short trip, it encourages the both of you to slow down, spend time and focus on each other.

2.       Bonding with your partner

With all the physical and lifestyle changes, you may not have time to share your thoughts about the baby and starting a new family with your spouse. Babymoon is planned to spend time and bond with each other in a slow enjoyable pace. Try to indulge in baby-safe adventures like cruising, couple spa, dinner date on a romantic destination etc. This will help you bond with your spouse and have some quality moments to cherish for decades.  

3.       Calm your body and mind

Pregnancy hormones cause mood swings and anxiety which will make your pregnancy more stressful. Take a short break from your routine life and enjoy spending it with your spouse to relieve stress. Let your Babymoon destination is surrounded by nature that offers a tranquil environment to rejuvenate your body and mind.

4.       Alone time before the baby arrives

Babymoon is your special trip to spend as a family of two before the baby arrives. The next one year of your life may get busy with diaper changes, sleepless nights and feeding, so now is your chance to have some ‘us’ time with your spouse. 

5.       You deserve the best

Being parents is one of the best feelings in life and the both of you deserve the best celebration. Book your Babymoon to your favourite destination and create memorable moments. If you are looking for inspiration, we have some cool babymoon destination ideas.



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