Is Stem Cell Banking
worth It?

Why Preserve Stem Cells?

Stem cells are tiny cells with great potential & have the ability to save lives. Stem cells are the master cells that act as basic building blocks of the human body. These cells have the unique ability to transform into specialized cells like blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, bone cells and so on.

Benefits of Stem Cells Banking
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Top 5 Reasons To Choose
LifeCell Community Banking

Entire Family's Health

LifeCell's Community Banking Protects Baby, Parents, Siblings, Maternal & Paternal Grandparents

Treatment of
80+ Medical Conditions

Helps treat over 80 diseases, including genetic, neurological, immune disorders, & different forms of blood cancer

> 96% Chance of
Finding a Match

LifeCell ensures >96% chances of finding a match with no long waits or hassle when finding a donor match


Umbilical cord blood stem cells can be saved only at the time of delivery & is an invaluable investment that protects the whole family

Most Affordable Cost

LifeCell Community Bank offers easy & pocket-friendly EMI options starting at INR 950/month. We also provide up to 20 lakhs financial aid for each stem cell transplant.

How Does the Cord Blood Future Look Like?

Nearly 500+ clinical trials are underway to treat conditions like Autism, Stroke, Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy thus increasing the scope of future treatments. In the field of regenerative medicine, stem cells found in cord blood have the ability to regenerate or repair damaged organs/tissues.

It’s Time To Provide Your baby & Entire Family
With the Best Long Term Health Protection