Why Choose Community Bank Over Private Bank

By choosing community banking, you unbox 80 times greater potential of your baby’s stem cells through unmatched benefits such as protection from all conditions treatable by stem cells, complete family protection, unlimited number of samples at no additional cost.

Nature gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Choose wisely.

Why Choose Community Bank Over Private Bank

LifeCell’s Community Banking vs Other Private Banks

Benefit Differentiators


LifeCell Community Bank

Private Bank33

Aligns with Recommendations of IAP, IMA, ACOG, AAP, ASBMT



* UCB - Umbilical Cord Blood, UCT - Umbilical Cord Tissue, LC - LifeCell International Pvt. Ltd., PrB - Private Bank, BM - Bone Marrow, PB - Peripheral Blood, SCT - Stem Cell Transplant, CC - Sample Collection Charges

^ In Private Banks, it is mandatory to use Baby’s Own UCB to get one additional matching sample from public bank if a match is available. But, in 90% conditions baby CANNOT use Own UCB, hence the baby is deprived of protection from donor stem cells.

^^ Siblings: Only if it matches baby’s cord blood (chances are only 25%) and in such case only 1 additional UCB from public bank. Parents : They cannot use baby’s cord blood due to lack of HLA matching. Since in PrB it is mandatory to use baby’s own UCB to get 1 additional UCB from public bank, Parents don’t get donor stem cells.

^^^ Baby : Only 8 conditions using own UCB.