Why Over 3.15 Lakh Parents Trust LifeCell?

Choosing the right partner to preserve your baby’s precious stem cells is the most important aspect of your decision. LifeCell, by expertise and experience backed by trust, reliability and personalised customer service stands to be your perfect and only choice.

Over 3.5 lakh parents have entrusted their baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells to LifeCell. Having pioneered stem cells banking in India as the first and largest stem cell bank, LifeCell takes the step towards bringing “Community Stem Cell Banking” to ensure that your baby and entire family stay protected with the power of stem cells

Why Over 3.5 Lakh Parents Trust LifeCell?

LifeCell Legacy

Unmatched Experience

Over 14 years of expertise and experience in technological collaboration with CryoCell Inc., (the world’s first private stem cell bank with over 25 years of experience)

Most Accredited

Most Accredited Stem Cell Bank with accreditations from AABB, WHO GMP, NABL, ISMS, CAP and US FDA Registered

World’s largest ready-to-use inventory of Indian origin

LifeCell is currently the only stem cell bank that holds the world’s largest ready-to-use inventory of cord blood stem cells of Indian origin


Unmatched Preservation Benefits

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Free Worldwide Shipment:

Shipment of stem cells to any part of the globe during transplant at no additional cost


Transplant Related Tests:

Sample testing for transplant at no additional cost


Annual Preservation Status Report:

Preservation status report with details of monthly temperature track record shared once every year

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Free Stem Cell Expansion:

Clinical expansion of stem cells to provide higher volume of stem cells if required at the time of transplant at no additional cost

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Medical Concierge:

Medical guidance on stem cell treatment options and recommended transplant centres with their specialisation will be shared during transplants


LifeCell's Sample Collection : Unmatched Protection During Transit

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Super Strong Stainless Steel Box:

The new kit is made of tough stainless steel with a tensile strength that is more than 700 times the tensile strength of thermocol.


Vacuum Insulated Temperature Maintenance:

This keeps your sample in the optimum temperature for transport up to 72 hours by which time your samples are safely in our labs.

eco friendly


Our steel kits are durable and are meant to last for a long time They are recyclable and reduces our carbon footprint.

contamination proof

Contamination Proof:

The kits are completely sealed. This prevents seepage of water and keeps your samples dry, hygienic and safe from contamination.



The advanced steel kits almost 40% more compact than the old packs. Specific slots designed into the body of the kit ensure the contents avoid shakes and jerks!


LifeCell Testing Standards:

Once the samples reaches our lab, it is registered, tested for infectious diseases and assessed for cell count, viability and sterility.The credibility of LifeCell’s testing standards depends on the following parameters:









List of Tests Performed on the Samples:

Tests Performed On Cord Blood

At the time of Storage: Cord Blood Group & Rh Typing, Cord Blood Volume, Total Nucleated Cell Count, Total Mononuclear Cell Count, Total CD 34 Cell Count, CD 34 Stem Cell Viability, Hematocrit, Sterility, Colony Forming Unit (CFU) Assay

At 2 years from date of birth of the Child: (For Specimens listed in LifeCell Community Banking Registry):

  • Hemoglobinopathies
  • HLA Typing by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

At Retrieval For Transplant: Total Nucleated Cell Count, Total Mononuclear Cell Count, Total CD 34 Cell Count, CD 34 Stem Cell Viability, Hematocrit, Sterility, Colony Forming Unit (CFU) Assay, HLA Typing for Donor by NGS, HLA Typing for Recipient by NGS

Tests Performed on Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells (MSC’s) at retrieval for transplant:

Viable Mononuclear Cell Count, Sterility, Mycoplasma Endotoxin, Cell Morphology, Differentiation Potential, Potency, Flow Marker Positives: CD 90, CD 73, CD 105, Flow Marker Negatives: CD 34, CD 45, CD 14, CD 19, HLA-DR

Tests Performed On The Maternal Blood Sample

Blood Group and Rh Typing, Anti-HCV, Anti-HBC, HBSAg, HTLV I/II, Malaria, CMV-IgM, CMV-IgG, HIV I/ II, Syphilis; and Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) is performed for HIV and HCV viruses

^ Eligibility Criteria For Cord Blood Specimen to Qualify for Listing In LifeCell Registry:

  • Total Nucleated Cells : ≥ 500 Million (≥ 85% viable cells)
  • Viable CD34+ Cells : ≥ 1.25 Million
  • Maternal ID testing : Negative (Except CMV-IgG)
  • Sterility testing (bacteria & fungi) : Negative
  • Hemoglobinopathies : No homozygous hemoglobinopathy
  • Maternal blood sample collection : Within 7 days of childbirth
  • Infant Health History : Signed by a registered medical practitioner

Preservation Advantage

India’s Only Dual Storage Facility:

India’s first & only Dual Site Storage Stem Cell Bank with preservation facilities at Chennai & Gurgaon ensuring maximum security against any unforeseen natural disasters

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Highlights of Preservation Process:

  • The harvested stem cells are mixed with cryopreservation solution
  • The sample is stored in specially designed, compartmentalized cryo-bags (25 ml), main bag (20 ml) and pilot bag (5 ml)
  • The samples are placed within aluminium canisters and frozen down slowly
  • Then the samples are placed in stainless steel tanks and maintained under below -196 degree celsius
  • After storage, a preservation certificate indicating cell count, viability, sterility, etc., at the time of preservation is sent to the Client
  • On every birthday of the baby, an Annual Preservation Status Report with monthly temperature maintenance updates are also sent to the Client
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LifeCell Preservation Standards:

  • Power-Back up: Dual fall-over for power through UPS and DG systems and dual fall-over for cryo-preservation, self-sufficient for almost a month, substantial enough to make alternative arrangements
  • E-monitored: Storage vessels that are connected to electronic transmitters and alarms for continuous monitoring with trigger alerts to ensure quick recoveries in event of temperature fluctuations
  • Disaster Resistant: Seismic resistant buildings with plausibility to withstand natural calamities, with all units stored above ground to avoid submergence during floods
  • Precautionary Measure: Sufficient measures to move the units off-site, such as fully loaded trucks supported with power and refrigeration supply
  • Security: 24*7 high security surveillance, with electronic access and CCTV monitoring
cord blood processing

Personalised Proprietary Processing:

LifeCell is industry’s only stem cell bank to extend “Personalised Proprietary Processing Technique” that ensures industry’s highest stem cell recovery rate with lowest levels of red blood cells.

LifeCell’s Personalised Proprietary Cord Blood Processing Technology Benefits

Features LifeCell’s Proprietary Technology Sepax/Sepax 2 (23, 24, 25, 26, 27) Benefits to LifeCell’s Customers
Lower Red Blood Cells Count ~5% ~30-45%
  • Prevents blood group incompatibility.
  • Low risk of renal failure.
  • Prevents loss of precious stem cells by reducing the need for ‘washing’ step to remove excess RBCs.
Highest Stem Cell Recoveries 80% 75-80% More viable stem cells (along with maximum RBCs reduction).
Triple Closed Bag Yes Yes
  • No chances of contamination.
  • Processing in Class 10000 clean rooms in closed environment.
Use of HES(Hespan) Yes Yes/No HES is a safe and approved reagent30 and is being used globally for processing cord blood for over two decades. Addition of HES ensures higher stem cells recovery and reducing RBCs to the minimum.
Lives Saved 50(*As on June 2018) Yes/No 23 transplants performed at one of the best transplant centers in India at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai. Moreover, 9 transplants at Duke University, in US-FDA approved clinical trial. This clearly is a testimony of LifeCell’s product quality and global acceptance.
Continued Stem Cells Protection Even for Unfit Sample Yes NA Private Banks would reject an unfit sample and refund your money without any further protection. But, under LifeCell’s Community Banking, even if the baby’s cord blood is of low volume or unfit for processing/storage the baby and its family members can still enjoy all the benefits of community banking upon continuation of the Agreement.

The choice is clear. Through our commitment to quality, we are able to offer the best cord blood product when it comes to what matters most. This could lead to better treatment outcomes, less worry and stress and possible financial savings.

LifeCell’s Guaranteed Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells (MSC’s) Program

MSC’s are a type of stem cells that have the potential to differentiate into bones, cartilages and muscles, thereby making them capable of being used in several therapeutic areas in future. Currently, the potential of these stem cells are being checked in several human clinical trials across the world. Since MSC’s are considered to be ‘universal donor cells they are being made available off-the-shelf for immediate treatment as they don’t need donor-recipient matching. In India, a biotech company has already received the DCGI approval to market such a expanded MSC’s product developed from donated adult human bone marrow for treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) due to Buerger’s Disease

Factors Other Banks LifeCell’s MSCs Program Benefits to LifeCell’s Customers
Regulatory Position Commercial banking of baby’s own cord tissue is not licensed and is prohibited in India, to prevent exploitation of parents by banks who charge huge fees Provide DCGI approved expanded MSC’s product ‘Stempeucel®’ derived from donated adult human bone marrow for immediate access or NAC-SCRT approved MSC’s from donated human cord tissue in future (subject to govt. regulations) Regulatory Approved and Licensed MSC’s
Certainty of Expansion for Higher Volume of MSC’s Possibility of rejection of baby’s own cord tissue due to contamination or no growth of cells during culturing. Thereafter, no compensation & no guarantee of MSC’s if needed in future No such uncertainty, since the expansion of MSC’s is not dependent on a single source, but rather from donated sources Guaranteed MSC’s
Time 90 days 7 days ready-to-use off the shelf Save Time
Quantity 50Mn to Maximum 1000 Mn 1000 Mn MSC’s for Every Transplantation More Cells - More Protection
Cost ~INR 2 to 4 lakhs for 50Mn to 1000 Mn MSC’s Free of cost Save Money


MSC’s are Universal Donor Cells that do not need donor-recipient matching. In fact, almost all the current active human clinical trials related to umbilical cord tissue are using MSC’s obtained from donated sources. In India, the DCGI has already approved the use of donated, expanded MSC’s obtained from adult human bone marrow (Stempeucel®) for treatment of CLI due to Buerger’s Disease.