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Why over 3.5 Lakh Parents Trust LifeCell?

LifeCell backed by trust, reliability and personalised customer service stands to be your perfect choice. Having pioneered stem cell banking in India for the first time, LifeCell takes the step towards bringing “Community Stem Cell Banking” to ensure that your baby and entire family stay protected with the power of stem cells.

During the COVID-19 pandemic our labs & ground staff are active & have also taken all the necessary preventive measures. Watch our Medical Director, Dr. Chirayu Padhiar, give a tour of our fully functional & state-of-the-art stem cell storage facility.

LifeCell - India’s Largest Stem Cell Bank

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5 Simple Steps To Preserve Your Baby’s
Stem Cells at LifeCell

Sign Up with us, inform your doctor & receive the
collection kit from LifeCell expert

Get Your Kit
After enrolment, our expert will call to provide
details of the paramedic & kit box instructions

Time For Delivery
Call our paramedic on 1800 266 5533 at least 2 hours before delivery. Carry kit to hospital & hand it over to doctor

Stem Cell Collection
Your baby’s umbilical cord blood is collected in the kit & our logistics chain will safely transport the sample to our lab

Our lab experts will test & process the received samples. Extracted stem cells are preserved & certificates are dispatched

Discover the Unique and Powerful Potential of Your Baby's Stem Cells.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gift your baby a healthy future is to preserve their stem cells at birth. Understand the Benefits of Banking your Baby’s Stem Cells & Why You Should Choose LifeCell As You Healthcare Partner!

How Is Cord Blood Processed At LifeCell?

PrepaCyte-CB® - A premier cord blood processing technology for the
highest yield of Stem Cells from your Baby’s Cord Blood


Cord Blood bag received at LifeCell laboratory


Top Layer - Plasma
Middle Layer - Buffy Coat
Lower Layer - Red Blood Cells


Buffy coat with stem cells are harvested using LifeCell's proprietary processing technology
Excess plasma is removed using automated plasma expressor


DMSO-Dextran [Cryoprotectant] is added to buffy coat with stem cells to provide safety to cells during cryo-preservation


After homogenization, of DMSO buffy coat with stem cells are transfered to Cryo Bag (25ml)


Wrapped and sealed cryo-bags are frozen using control rate freezer and transfered to cryo-vessels


Frozen under -196 degrees Celsius and preserved

Top 10 reasons to why parents should choose LifeCell

Trying to decide the best stem cell bank for your baby? This short video will help you understand what makes LifeCell India's most trusted and reliable stem cell bank over 15 Years

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