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Securing A Safe Future
With Stem Cell Banking: Top 4 Benefits

Protection From 90+ Conditions

Being a part of the Cord blood Community Banking program can protect the baby, parents, siblings, and maternal & paternal grandparents from the impact of 90+ health conditions.
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Readily Available Source

Amongst different sources, umbilical cord blood is considered to be a ready source of stem cells. It can only be preserved at the time of birth and used in treating blood-related conditions such as Beta Thalassemia Major, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Neuroblastoma, Sickle Cell Disease, Aplastic Anemia, and more.

Ease Of Collection & Finding Match

Cord blood collection is easier, safer & a painless procedure as compared to adult bone marrow collection. The latter requires 9-10 parameters for a successful match. Whereas umbilical cord blood requires only 6-8 parameters, making it 10-X easier to find a match.

Better Transplant Outcomes

Success rates for cord blood transplants are improving significantly due to innovations such as improved chemotherapy regimens and efforts to supplement cord blood with other stem cell sources.

Why Trust LifeCell
The Choice Of 4,00,000 Parents

India’s only Dual Site Storage Facility at Chennai and Gurugram, ensuring an additional layer of security on your baby’s cells

Unlimited & free retrievals from 60,000+ cord blood units in the LifeCell Registry with >97% chance of finding a match

Financial assistance of upto INR 20 lakhs for every stem cell transplant for the baby, siblings & parents

Easy & pocket-friendly 6 EMI options starting at INR 3,750/month

An extensive network of service centers spanning across India & abroad for seamless operations

India’s first cord blood bank to facilitate the country’s first dual cord blood transplant

Accredited with certifications from AABB, AATB, WHO, FDA, NABL, CAP, and many more

India’s only cord blood bank to use PrepaCyte-CB® cord blood processing technology, ensuring maximum extraction of stem cells & 99% less RBC contamination

Exemplary record of 80 successful retrievals, including 18 international transplants, with free & global sample shipping in 7 days