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Community Banking

Introducing BabyCord Share

Babycord share community cord blood banking is a comprehensive solution that provides, protection for your baby, sibling, parents and grandparents against all conditions treatable by stem cells.

benefits of Community Stem Cell Banking

Highest Probability of finding matching stem cells:
With over 50,000 stem cells units of Indian origin being preserved every year by LifeCell (notwithstanding the existing inventory of 200,000 units which may get added to the community), the LifeCell Community Stem Cell Bank would be 10 times that of any Indian inventory by end of 2017, and may within 5 years reach the threshold wherein >90% of patients find a match.

Unlimited Withdrawals:
The family members can access matching stem cells from the community bank when needed without any restrictions on number of units, thus providing a comprehensive protection for the entire family.

Free Access:
There are no additional cost of stem cells when required for transplant for the family members. The initial payment towards banking the baby’s stem cells at birth is all it costs.

Immediate Availability For Transplant:
The preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells can be retrieved immediately for transplant, without any further dependency on donors’ availability or consent.