Even during lockdown, we care for you

Covid 19 has confined most of us to our homes but at LifeCell we are committed to serve you as ever before. Our cord blood sample collection team is fully operational with special permissions and curfew exemption for essential healthcare services.

For all other customer services you can still talk, text or write to us and you shall receive our responses. Due to reduction of customer service staffing our responses may be delayed but certainly not denied.

Customer service is our promise. A Promise is best defined only when the commitment is met even during critical times. Stay safe at home and we shall deliver our customer services digitally(Refer support to raise your query).

Hence, we are doing our best to maintain seamless operations, service deliveries and customer service. We are ensuring that our voice & digital service channels are available for you anytime during regular working hours for us to extend our service delivery and support.

FAQs for LifeCell customers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Below are some key concerns that you may have, and we have addressed these for providing you with the comfort and confidence in our service during such tough times.

Sample Collection

To ensure that sample collection does not get affected, we have ensured the availability of our paramedic staff to enable cord blood collections round the clock as always. You can call our collection helpline 1800 266 5533 minimum 4 hours before the delivery and they will assign a paramedic for sample collection when required.

Our service is under the purview of essential healthcare service and hence our sample collection paramedic staff are exempted from the curfew/movement restrictions. Also we have obtained necessary curfew passes wherever required to ensure that they reach your hospital safe and on time for the collection. All transportation needs of the paramedic staff have been taken care to connect with nearest logistics point for safe and timely collection and dispatch of the sample to our laboratory

We have ensured that your baby’s cord blood sample are handled through reputed logistics partners through special cargo services. The sample shall be transported through multiple & fastest modes of transport through the surface to reach the nearest logistics point.

Our laboratory team is fully functional 24x7 and equipped to process the samples as and when it reaches us. All material required for processing and storage have been procured adequately and the team is fully equipped and ready to take-up processing immediately upon receipt.

Hygiene, health and safety are the very basic functional aspects of any healthcare institution and it is our daily routine. Ofcourse, this is very important in the current scenario to be explained.

Paramedic staff - All norms and guidelines of hygiene, safety and disinfection are followed as stipulated by the Govt. and as applicable in medical & healthcare practices. Additionally we have ensured that they are healthy with no external contacts and no symptoms of health conditions.

Sample logistics - The sample is securely sealed and external disinfection done during transit. When it is received at the lab, we once again do necessary external disinfection before it is opened and contents removed for processing.

Laboratory - Our laboratory follows strict guidelines on hygiene and disinfection irrespective of the current pandemic. All machines, material are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected frequently. However we have ensure additional precautions and safety considering the current situation

Laboratory staff - The staff at our lab are screened thoroughly using thermal scanners and follow all stipulated guidelines prior to entry into the premises and during work.

Customer Service - Regular Queries

Our customer service teams continue to be in operation. Due to complete lockdown and movement restrictions for our call center employees, we have provided the necessary infrastructure for them to access their work from their home. Hence there would be no lapse of service deliveries while there could be some delays in response and we request you to bear the same for a while.

Our digital channels are open and we are happy to receive your Annual Storage Payments online through our website. Due to lockdown, any payments in the form of cheques/demand drafts, that you might have sent through postal/courier services or other channels may not reach us on time. Hence you can anticipate delays in accepting and acknowledging such payments till normalcy resumes and backlogs are cleared.

In mutual interest, we request all payments to be made online at www.lifecell.in. Once you login to your account all details of payment due and upgradation plans are available for you to choose and pay.