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These parents are thankful that they have made the right decision of preserving the umbilical cord stem cells of their children. How about you?

Stem cell banking - A necessity for your child's future!

Shruchita and Gaurav Sahu believes that preserving their daughter's stem cells is a gift that they could give her as there are various stem cell therapies and research programs going on around the world using umbilical cord stem cells. Stem cell therapy is the future of medicine so it is no longer a choice but a necessity and a great gift for the child's future.

Parents choose to preserve umbilical cord stem cells

With new diseases discovered every day, Lekha and Varun from Chennai chose to preserve their baby's umbilical cord stem cells because they protect the baby against diseases. They believe that the benefits of stem cells are huge and such advancements in the medical field must be used. Instead of considering the chances of using the stored stem cell samples, they prefer not to take any chance when it comes to the future health of their child.

Safeguard your child with stem cell banking

Mr. Srivatsa krishna, IAS, Karnataka says that preservation of stem cells provides safety and security to the child's health and gives peace of mind to the parents. Taking one step today by storing the stem cells can give a lifetime of insurance against various diseases and unexpected eventualities.

Stem cells offer next generation care for the child

The young couple, Suman and Rahul preserved the stem cells of their second child, mainly for health reasons. Suman said that the benefits of preserving stem cells are better than lifelong medication and they are prepared for future. With the power of stem cells, it is easy to overcome any illness in a natural way and the child has her own stem cells. The couple believe that stem cell banking is the next generation care which can be collected through a very quick and a painless procedure.

Importance of stem cell banking

Rohit and Monika from Bangalore share their experience about banking the stem cells of children in their family. The couple says that stem cell banking is a natural decision for them as they were already aware of stem cell benefits in treating medical conditions. The advancement in stem cell research gives a reassurance and knowing that there are only benefits and no side effects made the couple go for stem cell banking.

Every child needs stem cell banking, says doctor parents

The doctor couple, Rashiya & Navin agrees that stem cells are the future and preserved their baby's stem cells. They say many diseases that lack standard treatment at present might be treated in future with stem cell therapy and stem cells drawn from the blood can be used to produce organs if need arises. They are glad for choosing stem cell banking service and advise parents to preserve their children's stem cells too.