Genetic counseling is an interactive session that explains the occurrence or risk of recurrence of a genetic disorder in a patient or family. A counsellor can help individuals find peace of mind or reduce concerns and worries by providing the right information about their test results. They will lay out all the options, treatments, and explain any risks besides answering all your questions. Genetic counsellors are health professionals with specialized graduate degrees and experience in the areas of medical genetics and counseling.

Why use the services of a genetic counsellor?

A genetic counsellor is a healthcare professional to explain in detail the outcome of any NGS Genetic Reflex Test result for your precious “Bundle of Joy”.The genetic clinic support of LifeCell Diagnostics offers extended support of care to all the patients opting for LifeCell Genetic Test.

A typical counselling session with parents of the patient who has been tested positive with NBS-Genetic Reflex Test includes:

  • The consequences of the disorder and how it will affect the life of the individual
  • The actual nature of the disorder (the course a disease from its onset till its eventual treatment or complete recovery or death)
  • The probability of developing the condition and/or transmitting it to their offspring
  • Treatments and disease-management plans/ strategies in consultation with the referring physician

Our genetic counsellor will also address your questions and concerns related to the risk of your family members and children.