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LifeCell Instills Confidence Through Its Achievements Just In The 2020- LifeCell

Became India's largest Community Bank with 50,000 cord blood samples

Facilitated a groundbreaking double cord blood transplant

Launched the world’s first proactive HLA matching Service, Stem Match

Received recognition from IAP & FOGSI for community banking service

Indian Doctors Recommend Community Banking

Community Cord Blood Banking emerges as a life saver

A 7-year-old girl from Nashik, suffering from aplastic anaemia, needed an immediate stem cell transplant. Luckily, the parents were members of the LifeCell Community Bank. The child received a timely transplant and is now discharged from the hospital!

LifeCell Emerges As a Lifesaver- Dr. Junagade’s Testimonial (5 Minutes Video)