Genetic Testing

HBB Gene Sequencing Test :

LifeCell Diagnostics full HBB gene sequencing methodology detects all the commonly reported mutations in the Indian population and any other listed pathological mutation in one test. Additionally, the assay potential extends to detecting any novel mutations and mutations causative of Sickle Cell Anaemia.

LifeCell Comprehensive Hemoglobinopathy

The “Comprehensive Hemoglobinopathy Package “ by the company is a  comprehensive two tier program for screening and mutation profiling test for Beta thalassemia and Sickle Cell for couples,  and child. The new test integrates biochemical result with genetic testing to give definitive diagnostics results and thus faster time to treatment and bringing down the false positive rates drastically.

The new test which integrates biochemical screening with the power of DNA sequencing is a first of its kind in India and is offered at same price of biochemical test.