LifeCell Receives Global Award for the Year 2021 from Automation Anywhere

Received in recognition of the pioneering work in robotic process automation

Chennai, November 01, 2021:

LifeCell, India’s leading healthcare and diagnostic solutions provider has recently received the “Love this Human” global award for the year 2021 from Automation Anywhere. Automation Anywhere customer awards recognise the groundbreaking work done in the field of robotic process automation (RPA) that gives a competitive edge to the business with automation.

This award is notably special as the LifeCell team has made outstanding efforts towards automating many of its laboratory processes through RPA during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the first providers to initiate ICMR-approved RT-PCR COVID-19 testing when the nation was struggling with the increasing burden of COVID cases and high hospitalization rates. As the number of testing samples increased exponentially, manpower availability became a major issue, impacting the operations of the laboratory feed and data shared.

However, the LifeCell team diligently assessed the crisis to innovate the best processes and improvements to tackle the manpower issue. The objective here was to completely automate the data entry of the COVID test results on the ICMR portal. What is worth noticing is that within 48 hours, the entire automated workflow was completed and implemented successfully. The adoption of automated processes ensured timely testing and result generation despite high sample load. Apart from data entry automation, LifeCell also automated many of its reporting processes that involved toggling of bots between software, fetching necessary data to populate reports, verifying reports and avoiding manual intervention, leading to error-free reporting and customer delight.

Speaking on the recognition, Sumanth Sarangapani, COO, LifeCell International Pvt. Ltd., said, “This recognition truly embodies LifeCell’s spirit to innovate and provide the best service experience to the customers. I am proud of the team and their concerted efforts because everyone just went beyond their responsibilities to make this happen. Undoubtedly, this implementation will further propel us to identify gap areas and utilize the power of automation to make an impact not only at the organization level but also on the medical community.

This global award is another important representation of LifeCell’s continual commitment to innovate. In fact, receiving this award from Automation Anywhere, which is the world's leading RPA platform and is recognized by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader in RPA for the year 2021, is especially encouraging.

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Established in 2004, LifeCell is India’s first and largest community stem cell bank, enjoying the trust of over 3,50,000 parents. We are the only player in the industry providing comprehensive stem cell solutions including the novel initiative of community stem cell banking, R&D, and point-of-care stem cell therapy for orthopedic and vascular specialties. Our diagnostic division offers India’s most comprehensive preventive healthcare program for prenatal health and newborn care, consisting of preconception, prenatal and newborn testing services aimed at addressing the challenge of the high infant mortality rate in the country as well as promoting health and wellness for generations to come. For more information,visit

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