How BabyShield Newborn Works

With 4 simple steps ensure the good health of your baby



Enroll for Lifecell Diagnostics Newborn Screening. Upon enrollment you will receive a sample collection kit.

During the final stages of your pregnancy, talk to your doctor about Lifecell Diagnostics Newborn Screening and find out the package that is suitable for you.


Collection & Transport

48 hours after the baby’s birth, give us a call on our toll free number. Our paramedic will visit your hospital and collect few drops of blood from a small prick on your baby’s heel, on a special filter paper. Another filter paper is placed within the baby’s diaper to collect few drops of the baby’s urine sample also. The collected samples are sent to our laboratory. The sample collection needs to be done 48 hours after birth and before you leave the hospital.



At the laboratory, the samples are tested for over 50 genetic and metabolic conditions.



The results are made available on our website within 48 hours. The test results could have one of the possibilities:

The results show no abnormalities for the conditions screened. This means the baby is healthy (or)

The baby could be at risk for one or more conditions. This however does not mean that the baby has a problem. Testing positive for one of the conditions indicates the increased risk of a medical condition. An additional test may be necessary to confirm the same and parent is contacted when such need arises. If there is a request for a repeat sample, ensure you take the baby to the hospital at the earliest. It is important that the tests are done at the earliest