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How LifeCell unboxes the full potential of stem cells with Community Stem Cell Banking Program?

In the community stem cell banking model, parents contribute their babies umbilical cord blood stem cells to a common pool.

The family benefits by getting access to a large and growing inventory of stem cell units from the pool.

This increases the probability of finding a suitable stem cell match when required for treatment.

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Why choose LifeCell Community Stem Cell Banking?

India’s no. 1 community stem cell bank

Trusted by over 3,50,000 happy parents, LifeCell is India’s number one community stem cell banking company.

Protects your entire family

LifeCell covers your baby & entire family including siblings, parents, maternal grandparents & paternal grandparents at the cost of a single enrolment.

Biggest inventory of Indian origin

With over 50,000 umbilical cord blood units LifeCell has the biggest inventory of Indian origin stem cells.

Over 97% probability of finding a match

With over 50,000 Indian origin stem cell units, LifeCell guarantees over 97% probability of finding a stem cell match.

Over 200 cities in India

LifeCell paramedics and umbilical cord blood collection center is present in over 200 cities across India.

Dual storage facility

LifeCell has a dual storage facility at Chennai & Gurugram for stem cell preservation. This ensures that your baby’s stem cells are 100% safe.

Financial assistance

LifeCell provides financial assistance of up to 20 lakhs in case of a stem cell transplant.

LifeCell legacy

With over 14 years of industry experience, LifeCell is India’s most-accredited stem cell bank.

Easy payment option

LifeCell offers affordable EMI and payment options. Prepayment starting from INR 950* for 21 & 75 year stem cell banking plan.

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