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Gift your baby & the entire family a lifetime of good health. Preserve your baby’s stem cells with LifeCell Community Banking Program now. HURRY!





Your baby’s umbilical cord blood can save you & your entire family from numerous medical conditions including blood disorders, immune disorders, metabolic disorders & cancers.


Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells with an ability to produce various kinds of cells required by the body.


However, these life-saving Stem Cells can only be harvested at the time of birth via umbilical cord blood.


It’s scientifically proven that Stem Cells can treat over 80+ immune, blood, metabolic disorders & cancers.

LifeCell Unboxes the Power of Stem Cells with Community Stem Cell Banking

Dr.Purvish Parikh - Haemato-oncologist, Vouches On Community Cord Blood Banking In India!

Now a stem cell match for everyone with LifeCell's 25k cord blood unit milestone!

Why Choose LifeCell International?

Established in 2004, LifeCell is India’s first and only Community Stem Cell Banking Company offering protection to the baby & entire family including sibling, parents and maternal & paternal grandparents.

14 Years of Industry Experience

India’s Number 1 Stem Cell Bank

Largest Indian Origin Inventory

Only Bank with 25,000 Sample Units

Unlimited Cord Blood Sample Retrieval

Financial Assistance up to 20 Lakh

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