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LifeCell community stem cell banking gets featured in NDTV 24*7

NDTV brings a special tiding about cord blood stem cell preservation that emphasizes on LifeCell's new community stem cell banking which offers 100% stem cell protection for your entire family

Upgrade to BabyCord Share

We at LifeCell, want your wise decision of stem cell banking to benefit your entire family. To extend the protection of stem cells to your entire family and also get 100% protection against all conditions treatable by stem cells watch this video

A Bengaluru Mom's View - Community Stem Cell Banking

You can hear the views of Ms.Poonam Singh a proud mom, who has banked her baby's umbilical cord stem cells with LifeCell's community stem cell banking, as she narrates the benefits her family would  enjoy by doing so.

All About Community Stem Cell Banking in 9 mins or less! | LifeCell

If you are expecting a baby do watch this beneficial video to preserve your baby's umbilical cord stem cells at the right stem cell bank that offers you surplus benefits

How simple is Stem Cell Banking?

Are you Pregnant? This video will tell you the most important thing you should do during your baby's birth. Watch this video to make your experience of umbilical cord stem cell banking, as simple as possible

LifeCell's Advanced Umbilical Cord Collection Kit

LifeCell has introduced an advanced umbilical cord stem cell collection kit. This kit offers 5 feature advantage over traditional Thermocol kits. Watch the video to know more

Babycord Share Community Banking

Choosing the right stem cell storage partner to preserve your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells is the most important aspect of your decision.

BBC World Asia Business Report features LifeCell

This video will tell you what BBC world  says about stem cell banking and LifeCell's launch of the revolutionary community stem cell bank


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TVC Starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Stem Cell Banking | Hindi

Duration: 0:30

Ayushmaan Bhava - Stem Cell Banking is a Blessing | Hindi

Duration: 0:30

Ayushmaan Bhava TVC Starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan | Hindi

Duration: 0:30

TVC from LifeCell | Hindi

Duration: 0:30

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