It is true that banking your baby’s stem cells is an assured lifetime resource. Despite understanding the unique benefits that tag along with preserving your baby’s stem cells, numerous parents feel cost as a criterion for not preserving their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. This prevalent assumption amidst parents is actually not true because, in reality, the cost-benefit LifeCell’s new initiative replenishes on your family is lavish enough to be ignored.

The need for an individual to be diagnosed with a condition treatable by stem cells is 1 in 20, out which 1 in 10 persons approximately land up going in for stem cell transplants in their lifetime. With such Inflation for the need for stem cells and the cost of acquisition of stem cells from donors for treatment ranging from Rs. 15-20 lakhs, stem cells therapy becomes unaffordable for many in India. Apart from cost, patients also undergo the waiting process to source a matching stem cell and 70% of the patients in need may also be left in despair without finding a match.

The understanding of the prohibitive cost and immediate unavailability of stem cell inventory to be the major setback for patients in need, LifeCell has initiated this new sharing model of stem cell preservation called, “ Community Banking”. Community Stem Cell Banking offers immediate access to your preserved baby’s stem cells and a large pool of unrelated donor stem cells to the community members at a low cost.

Any member of the community banking can access the stem cells of a donor from the community pool during need for approved conditions after 2 years of preservation of these cord blood units, free of cost giving the community members a lifesaving pricing advantage. The parent whose stem cells have been reserved for another member also enjoys a complete refund of the sum that he has invested towards banking his/her baby’s stem cells and also simultaneously continues to remain in the community bank for a lifetime to reap the benefits of it.

Talking about the need for donor stem cells over own stem cells from own source, the need for stem cells from donor stem cells is 4 times more than that of own stem cells. Nearly 80% of the conditions treatable by stem cells only require stem cells from a donor. This clears the possibility that even though our baby’s stem cells are preserved, the dearth for donor stem cells will yet persist. This gap to map to map the underutilized donor stem cells to the members of the community in need can happen only with community banking. Thus, community banking is an added boon to mention that this protection of stem cells in community banking does not confine to your baby but stretches to your family too.

In community banking, HLA Typing is also done free of cost making your baby’s cord blood unit ready to be accessed by the parent, sibling or any member of the family. The insurance benefit that a parent reaps through community banking is also 8 to 10 times more than that of a private bank. All eligibility tests including the test for the presence of any inherited blood-related disorders such as haemoglobinopathies are also done free of cost to make your cord blood unit preserved to bring to immediate access to your family and members.

Thus, with the manifold of cost benefits, community stem cell banking is undisputedly the best model of banking to entrust your baby’s stem cells to maximize your family health.