The new innovative treatment for Multiple Sclerosis using unrelated donor umbilical cord stem cells in Panama city hospital made Martha feel as if she had conquered the world. For the first time after her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Martha Philips felt amazing and full of energy, after the stem cell infusion. After the sequential mishap of her brother and father in the family, it was unfortunate for Martha to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2010. MS is an autoimmune condition in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues. The aggression of the conditions becomes tragic when the malfunction invades and destroys the myelin sheath. Myelin is the outer fatty sheath in the neuron that is essential for the transmission of signals. The destruction invades the brain, spinal cord and causes severe disabilities in patients.

Martha had seen innumerable ups and downs in her struggle through the conditions. High dose of medication that made her gain weight, tussle with severe intolerance to heat waves, bouts of pain, lack of energy etc. Regular massage and other rehab therapies got her going. But in 2016, she felt that her body was not coping with the demand and it was extremely stressful. She had to quit her job due to her disability, the choice of medication was only turning her weaker and worse.

It was on that verge Martha had learned about the new treatment protocol using stem cells. The thought that this treatment was not offered in the US was not very comforting for Martha, but still, she wanted to move forward and give it a try. The cost of travelling to Panama city and her stay there was $25,000. This made her contemplate her decision to proceed further. But her funding was miraculous and is beautifully chronicled in Daily Sun News edition published on July 8th, 2017.

Life after Panama, and the blessing of stem cells.

After Martha checked into Panama city hospital, matching umbilical cord sourced from newborns were infused after the initial blood work. A scheduled physiotherapy evaluation, stretching, balancing and strengthening exercise were also done. 1.33 million of matching stem cells were infused and were left to engraft as Martha was left for supervision.

The way the stem cells started to function was phenomenal, they just reset Martha's immune system. They do not go and repair the damages caused by MS but instead, there is scientific evidence that they inhibit the immune response by stopping the attack mechanism. If the body does not attack the system, healing will automatically be initiated by the body.

The immune system begins to believe there is another virus attacking the body and thus it no more causes further exacerbating attacks on the brain and spinal cord. Martha started to consume high fat, low carb diet and follow her regular supplements with diligence.

After 2 weeks, Martha felt amazing, her lethargy slowly flew away, she bubbled with a new bout of energy and felt like getting to work again. Almost all the symptoms were gone, she was no more a slave to heat intolerance. She took up exercise again after the infusion and readily regained her will to live.

Now with nearly 72 conditions treatable using unrelated umbilical cord stem cells it is sensible for all expectant parents to bank their baby’s stem cells in a community stem cell bank. In a community bank, the members can share their baby’s stem cells with other members of the community based on need. This can in-turn save millions of patients suffering from debilitating conditions like multiple sclerosis.  To know more community banking: