A Bit About Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter, a successful businessman, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a year before his marriage. Here's how Andrew Hunter narrates the complete events that occurred after his diagnosis and how stem cells helped him battle stage four cancer.

In late 2015, Hunter began to lose a lot of weight, and he assumed it was because of his wedding work’s stress. He had a slight cough and also suffered from back pain whenever he took alcohol.  

This alarming symptom made him go for an x-ray and a body scan. Much to his surprise and pain, he was announced that he had stage 4 blood cancer. The day the diagnosis was confirmed was the worst day of Hunter’s life.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system, which is a part of the immune system. The lymphoma spreads abnormally in cancerous cases and disrupts the entire immune system of an individual.

The Treatment

Hunter didn’t give up but decided to fight back the condition. He left his newly established business with his business partner Doug and focused entirely on his health.  

In March 2016, after four rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors told Mr. Andrew that his chemo had failed. But, even after hearing the news, Andrew never gave up. He continued the treatment that cost him $4000/week. Thankfully cancer shrunk in Dec 2016.

Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant

The breakthrough came when the doctors suggested a stem cell transplant.

To Andrew, stem cell was a real miracle, since it gave Andrew a new immune system. The match came from a German donor, and post transplant, graft versus host disease was very severe. But like Andrew’s never give up attitude, his new immune system also never gave up.

After 164 days of struggle and hospitalization, today, Hunter is free and happy in his remission phase. He has joined back work and is co-building the efforts of his partner Doug with his remarkable never give up attitude.

Stem cells are a real boon in replenishing a fresh set of healthy cells in people living with cancer. Especially, umbilical cord blood stem cells are worth mentioning because the incidence of GVHD is much lesser with it. So, if you are an expectant parent, don’t miss to preserve your baby’s stem cells at birth, at a right stem cell bank.

Why Cord Blood Banking?

The process of finding a stem cell donor can be long and tiring. With less than 7000 bone marrow donors registered in India, the chance of finding a suitable match is almost nil. Also, there have been several cases where the donors have backed out at the last minute.

The Process of Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking

Cord blood banking provides a perfect solution to this problem. Cord blood can be collected at the time of the baby’s birth and preserved for a prolonged time in a stem cell bank. At the time of need, these cord blood are used for stem cell extraction.

Why LifeCell?

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