Autism spectrum disorder is a range of conditions that affect children. It  is characterised with difficulties in social interaction, speech disability and behavioral problems. Autistic kids also have difficulty in expressing themselves and their inability can be clearly noticed by the parent or the caretaker. If a parent notices any milestone delay in their child, then surely a detailed analysis  of the child is required.

Causes of Autism: Autism is caused by a combination of various factors such as genetic, environmental factors, infections like Rubella, illicit drugs like cocaine and intake of alcohol by the pregnant mom.

Symptoms of Autism: Kids with autism respond less to stimuli and do not connect with people. More than one third of the autistic kids suffer from delayed milestones and are incapable of pronouncing their syllables right. Thus, these kids generally avoid communication of all sorts. All autistic kids repeat the movements and action of others.  Most affected kids resist change and love doing things their way. Some autistic kids have incredible abilities like an eye for detail, brilliant memory and excellent artistic ability as well. A mild motor impairment might also be seen in certain cases. 

Current treatment for autism: There is no specific treatment for autism till date, support and guidance of the family and friends is the only way out. Professional support such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and other symptomatic treatment can enable these children to lead a near normal life.

Treatment using stem cells: In a situation, where these kids are left with very minimal medical help, stem cell therapy comes to their rescue. Several clinical trials have proven stem cells to be the most effective way for treating autism. Stem cells once infused act as immune modulators, they migrate to the abnormal site of the brain. After migration these cells engraft at the site  by repairing ,regeneration and replacement of the brain cells. Researchers say these cells are capable of restoring the normal brain function.

Recently, a sample of cord blood preserved at LifeCell, a renowned stem cell bank in India was retrieved for the successful  treatment of autism from the Duke’s University. Thus scientists from all over the world recommend expectant parents to preserve the umbilical cord stem cells of their baby for any undue happenings in the future. To know more about umbilical cord stem cell banking: