Several clinical trials done using mesenchymal stem cells, demonstrate the ability of stem cells to improve the degenerated cartilage of osteoarthritic knee. In these studies, mesenchymal stem cells harvested from umbilical cord tissue have shown significant improvement in safely increasing the thickness of the knee cartilage. It has also been proven that the usage of stem cells are an effective therapy for osteoarthritis patients.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are used today in several other studies as well. The success of these studies that have employed  mesenchymal stem cells depend on 3 factors: Delivery methods, patient’s general health and co-therapies administered.

Mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into a variety of cell types such as bones cells, cartilage cells, muscle fibers and even fat cells. Thus, mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent cells that are used currently in the treatment of most musculoskeletal problems. They function with a goal to reduce inflammation and promote tissue regeneration. Once infused they don’t survive in the body for long but in their limited cell-life they generate anti-inflammatory signals that promotes tissue regeneration.

Treatment of elderly with osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common age-related degenerative condition caused by localised inflammation of the joints. The inflammation intensifies and breaks down the bone and cartilage, thereby resulting in crippling outcomes for the patient. Scientists say that the proinflammatory senescent cells (aging cells) are the most likely factor to contribute to the development of this condition. Despite several senolytic therapies that remove the aging cells and ameliorate the condition, mesenchymal stem cells along with other co-therapies are considered to be the best.

Mesenchymal stem cell infusion does not deal with the root cause of the problem which is chronic inflammation, cell debris and infection but it locally suppresses the inflammation and promotes cell repair.The purest and the most youthful form of mesenchymal stem cells are obtained from your precious baby during the time of birth. Osteoarthritis being one of the most common degenerative condition of the weight bearing joints has an unbelievable incidence that is skyrocketing. So, it is wise for every parent to preserve their baby’s umbilical cord at birth. To know more about stem cell banking: