Aging is inevitable in humans. As years go by, we all age and parts of the body that worked well earlier don’t function in a similar way as before. Although the life expectancy has increased, the quality of life of the elders hasn’t increased much. Many elders have started to live longer but not in good health.To offer longevity combined with quality, several regeneration and rejuvenation therapies are budding out.

A research at the Weil Cornell Medical college explains that implanting younger blood vessel cells in older mice can rejuvenate the older stem cells. This therapy boosted the entire circulatory system and its function. This rejuvenation of the circulatory system can also help immensely in side effects brought upon by cancer treatment in mankind.

What happens to our blood system as we age?

In 2020, it is forecasted that there will be more seniors than the number of children under the age of five. At such a growing trend, if novel healthcare systems don’t improve consequences of ageing, ageing can take a huge toll on people’s health. 

The circulatory system is made of blood cells, arteries, capillaries and veins. The functioning of all the cells of the body depends on the blood flow and vascularization to the region. Blood vessels actively support the stem cells and organ regeneration in a particular area. With ageing, the blood system that produces blood cells declines and thus the metabolites are not easily flushed out. So elders are more prone to infections and other illnesses.

In a study, the researchers isolated blood vessel cells from young mice and old mice and made it grow in a petri dish. The older cells produced a lot of myeloid older cells which is an ageing marker and a type of immune cell. The younger cells, on the contrary, enabled the older cells to rejuvenate. Thus younger stem cells, were able to support the blood system healthy, even after they were transplanted into the mice.

Thus the study reveals that the introduction of younger stem cells into older people can help in better functioning of older cells. The younger stem cells can also rejuvenate the older cells and thereby reduce the effects of cancer therapies such as radiation.