Transfer of your baby's preserved umbilical cord stem cells & agreement from Cryo-Save India to LifeCell

Dear Cryo-Save India Customer,


We're pleased to announce that Cryo-Save India Private Limited (Cryo-Save) has entered into an agreement with LifeCell International Private Limited (LifeCell) for formal transfer of umbilical cord stem cell units in its custody, customer agreements & service responsibility to LifeCell.

Under this agreement between Cryo-Save and LifeCell, your baby's umbilical cord stem cells that you have preserved with Cryo-Save shall be transferred to LifeCell laboratory & preservation facility at Chennai commencing November 2017. Accordingly the client agreement that you have formally signed-up with Cryo-Save for preserving your baby's umbilical cord stem cells, shall stand reassigned to LifeCell to ensure continuity of storage of your beloved's stem cells.

Founded in 2004, LifeCell is India's first & largest and the most accredited stem cell bank, with over 270,000 umbilical cord stem cell units being preserved under its care and custody at its facilities in Chennai and Gurgaon. Hence, you can rest assured that your child's stem cells will be preserved in accordance to international standards and you will be efficiently serviced by LifeCell.

As part of this transition, we wish to highlight the following for your knowledge and consideration:

No Change in Agreement:

This reassignment of your Agreement with Cryo-Save to LifeCell would have no change in your contractual terms and conditions. All responsibilities and due obligations will be honored by LifeCell as per the agreement.

Porting of your child's preserved stem cells to LifeCell's storage facility at Chennai:

The cryopreserved stem cell unit of your child would be transported to LifeCell's storage facility located at 26, Vandalur-Kelambakkam Main Road, Keelakottaiyur, Chennai - 600127. The transportation of the sample will be done with utmost care and handling using Cryo-shipment process and guarded by armed security force. Note that this relocation of your baby's stem cells to LifeCell would be done at no extra cost to you. Upon completion of this relocation, a new preservation certificate would be issued to you as a confirmation of continuity of preservation.

Opportunity to upgrade to BabyCord Share - extending coverage to entire family:

As a special benefit of becoming part of LifeCell family, you have the unique opportunity to upgrade to LifeCell's BabyCord Share Community Stem Cell Banking - the only program which offers complete stem cell protection not just to your baby but for your entire family - at a nominal upgrade fee. This upgrade is available at a special price of Rs 5,000 (Rupees Five Thousand) if you complete your upgrade before November 30, 2017. Please click here to know more about upgrading to LifeCell's BabyCord Share.

Opportunity to upgrade to Lifetime Protection Plan (upto 75 years):

Your current storage term is until 21 years of child's age. Now as part of storage with LifeCell you shall also have the opportunity to extend the protection of stem cells for the lifetime of the child by upgrading to our Lifetime Plan by paying a small special plan conversion fee of Rs 15,000 (Rupees Fifteen Thousand).

Customer Service Desk:

To avail the upgrades or to address any queries that you may have, LifeCell customer service can be reached at 1800 419 5555. You may quote the newly assigned LifeCell CRM number to seek information.

Delighted to welcome you to the LifeCell family! Looking forward to provide you our outstanding customer service and benefits.



Mayur Abhaya

Managing Director & CEO, LifeCell International