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Your baby's umbilical cord is now more precious than ever

Only LifeCell unboxes its full powers with Community Stem Cell Banking. The umbilical cord that nourishes your baby inside the womb is a rich source of stem cells and can treat several medical conditions. Preserve them at birth with LifeCell’s industry-first Community Banking and get the benefit of stem cells for the entire family.


Easy Collection

Umbilical cord stem cells can be collected through a simple, non-invasive process at time of birth, without any harm to the mother or the baby


Family Protection

Preserving your baby's umbilical cord stem cells with LifeCell Community Banking protects your baby and family from several medical conditions


Ready Utilisation

Community Banking offers immediate access to preserved umbilical cord stem cells for transplants without any dependency on donors' availability


Better Outcomes

Access to a larger pool of preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells that are pure and young gives patients better treatment outcomes

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