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Cord Blood Stem Cells have high regenerative properties & the ability to transform into different types of blood cells. Currently, they are used to treat 90+ life-threatening medical conditions.

By storing your baby’s precious cord blood with LifeCell Select, you can now protect not just the baby but the entire family including parents, siblings, maternal & paternal grandparents from the impact of 82+ blood-related medical conditions.

Also, cord blood cells does not have to be exactly matched to the patient like bone marrow transplants from an adult donor, thereby, this makes it 10-100x more easier to find a match through umbilical cord blood units as compared to adult bone marrow o Moreover, they can be easily collected at birth with no harm to mother or baby.

As a result of their ability to self-renew and differentiate into different cell types, stem cells have found applications in the treatment of various diseases. Currently, the FDA has approved the treatment of over 90 diseases using cord blood stem cells.

Stem Cell Transplant is a standard treatment in blood cancers (various types of leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma). It has broadening & novel applications in non-cancerous diseases including Blood disorders (Aplastic anaemia, Beta thalassemia) metabolic disorders and immune disorders. With ongoing research and developments in the field of stem cells, treatment of various debilitating ailments shows promising results.

Private stem cell banks preserve your baby’s stem cells so that it can only be used exclusively either by your baby or any of their siblings. Thus, by opting for private banking you will be restricting the use of the banked stem cells, as it can then only be used for 10% of all stem-cells-treatable conditions when used within the family. For the remaining 90%, you’d require stem cells of a healthy donor from external sources.

Consider a case where the child is diagnosed with thalassemia and is in need of a stem cell transplant. Since his/her own cells will be affected with the same thalassemia gene, he/she will need stem cells from a related or unrelated matched donor for improving the chances of a successful outcome. Hence, medical bodies in India and abroad do not recommend Private Banking.

Community stem cell banking works on the concept of sharing stem cells amongst a community of parents. Your baby’s own stem cells can be accessed for protection against conditions requiring their own stem cells. Along with this, stem cells from the common pool serve as a source of donor stem cells offering protection against remaining conditions. Hence, your baby is protected against all conditions treatable by stem cells. LifeCell Select’s Community Banking aligns with the recommendations of medical bodies in India and abroad.

As per American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (ASTCT), the odds of using your own stem cells in a lifetime is <0.04%4. There is no risk to share your baby’s stem cells. Similar to blood, our body’s own stem cells also regenerate continuously. If required, our own stem cells can be easily retrieved from the blood or bone marrow of our body.

For instance, actor Lisa Ray did not have the facility to preserve her umbilical cord blood stem cells at birth. However, in order to treat her Multiple Myeloma (a type of blood cancer), her own peripheral blood stem cells came to her rescue and gave her a new ray of life.

LifeCell Select offers specially curated plans at an affordable price, starting from INR 5990. That too with no cost 3/6 month EMI. For more information on pricing & offers, click here.