LifeCell Launches ‘Genome-Scope’, A Newborn Genetic Testing to Diagnose over 4000+ Genetic Conditions

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Stem Cell Banking Made Simple

How simple is stem cell banking?

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Genome-Scope, A breakthrough DNA-based test for newborns

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Source and Uses of Stem Cells

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How community stem cell banking works

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What Our Customers Say

Suman and Rahul

We have secured our child's future by preserving the stem cells with the Lifecell Community Banking Program

Poonam Singh, Bengaluru

I have preserved my 2nd child's Umbilical cord blood with Lifecell Community Stem Cell Bank to safegaurd both my babies & family's future.

Why Choose LifeCell

LifeCell is India’s first and largest stem cell bank enjoying the trust of over 3 Lakh parents.
Highest Quality Guaranteed stem cell bank with endorsement and accreditation from AABB, WHO,GMP, NABL, CAP, US FDA registered.
LifeCell uses a premier cord blood processing technology called "PrepaCyte-CB®" which yields the maximum recovery of healthy stem cells and provides superior red blood cell depletion over all other methods.
India’s only Dual Storage Facility at Chennai and Gurugram, ensuring an additional layer of security

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