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Detect, Prevent & Protect Your Baby & Entire Family With The Ultimate Preventive Healthcare Package LifeCell's

Genomic Scan Of 4000+ Genes to Detect, Prevent & Protect Your Baby From Early Childhood-Onset Disorders.
Get FREE Genetic Counselling
>96% Chance of Finding Matching Stem Cell Donors
Community Stem Cell Banking protects Baby & Entire Family From 80+ Blood Disorders, Also Recommended By India’s Leading Haemato-Oncologists
Offers PrepaCyte-CB® , Most Advanced Cord Blood Processing Technology
World’s 3rd Largest Stem Cell Bank With Dual Site Storage Located In Chennai & Gurugram For Added Security

What Makes LifeCell’s Different?

Genome-Scope allows diagnosis of thousands of early childhood-onset genetic disorders with TAT of 10 business days.
Allows early diagnosis, free genetic counselling and faster treatment, saving hospital costs and improved quality of life.
LifeCell’s Community Banking offers access to the largest pool of Indian origin stem cells thereby protecting baby and the entire family.
Our Community Bank offers access to an inventory of >45,000 units and Financial Assistance of upto INR 20 lakhs for every stem cell transplantation.

How Works?



  • Order from Physician
  • Pre-Test Counselling

Sample Collection

  • Umbilical Cord Blood
  • Heel Prick

Next-Generation Sequencing

  • Collect Raw Data
  • Obtain Results
  • Cloud Storage

Next Steps

  • Post-Test Counselling
  • Future Re-Analysis
Community Stem Cell
Banking Process


  • Collect Kit Box
  • Carry kit box at the time of delivery

Sample Collection

  • Umbilical Cord Blood
  • Maternal Blood Sample


  • Samples Sealed in Kit Box
  • Sent to Lab Through Safe Logistics

Testing, Processing & Cryopreservation

  • Test & Process Cord Blood
  • Cryopreservation
  • Dispatch Preservation Certificates

Make a wise life decision for baby's future with LifeCell's Genocord!