LifeCell Becomes India’s Top Cord Blood Stem Cell Registry

Inventory crosses total number of samples in public banks in India

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Did You Know?

Over 90% of conditions1 that can be treated using stem cells require donor stem cells. This makes the large inventory in private banks unutilized

Over 70% of patients2 requiring stem cells for treatment are unable to find a match in public banks due to unavailability of adequate inventory

An ICMR sponsored study3 establishes that a stem cell registry must have at least 3,00,000 preserved samples to have over 90% chance of finding a matching stem cell unit for treatment.

Benefits of Choosing LifeCell’s BabyCord Share Community Banking

LifeCell has introduced BabyCord Share community stem cell banking. It works on the concept of sharing stem cells among a community of LifeCell parents, thereby creating a growing inventory of stem cells for unrelated use.

Protection against all conditions treatable by stem cells

Higher chance of finding matching stem cells for treatment

Complete family protection including baby, sibling, parents and grandparents

Unlimited number of matching stem cells at the time of need