Checklist to Pack your Hospital Bag for Delivery

Pregnancy to-do List

An expectant mother has nine months to prepare for the delivery of her precious sweet pea but still miss out on important things while going to the hospital for labour. We often overlook at the importance of preparing things well in advance which can avoid last minute panic. Here is the checklist for the soon-to-be mothers to easily prepare their hospital bag:

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  • A mobile phone: After delivery, it is important to let our near and dear ones know about the good news. Carry all the contact numbers stored in your mobile. As we often forget to charge the mobile, do not miss the battery.
  • Notepad with pens: It is good to have a backup in case if there are any issues with the phone. Make a note of all the important contact numbers in the notepad. Take extra pens so you can write something if it is necessary.
  • Extra inner wear and sanitary pads: You will need them after delivery, so stack them ready. It is also better to have extra absorbent sanitary pads and pack some nursing bras to treat your sore nipples.
  • Camera: You can carry a compact camera if you would like to capture the first sight of your tiny pod. A mobile phone with good quality inbuilt camera is also fine.
  • MP3 player or magazines: If you are a music buff, load your favourite soothing music that will come in handy when you are in the hospital. You can also pack a book or magazines to read.
  • Flip flops and socks: Your swollen feet requires loose flip flops and warm socks to walk in the cold hospital floors till the delivery.
  • Personal care products: This will include your toiletries (toothpaste, tooth brush, hair brush, soap, facewash etc), lip balm, hair bands and clips, napkins, bath towel, moisturizer or a cold cream etc.
  • Extra Pillows: If you need extra pillows or small cushions for back rest or legs, pack them right away.
  • Going Home Outfit: You can take a comfortable going-home clothes for you and your baby.
  • Products for babies: Baby nappies, gloves and socks, baby clothes, quilt, soap, lotion, powder etc.


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