Dad-to-be? 12 Things about pregnancy

Pregnancy to-do List

Pregnancy might feel like a roller coaster ride for both the parents-to-be, as it involves taking up responsibility and commitment equally by both the partners. Most husbands want to aid the pregnant wife but not aware of their role during pregnancy. Here, are some of the important things that every expectant father should know:

  • During pregnancy, the expectant mother undergoes stress, emotional mix-up, anxiety or even depression due to the action of pregnancy hormones. Mood swings may become her second nature, so it is important to understand her and let go of anger from your part.
  • Take part in prenatal appointments and pregnancy tests. Make time and take your wife to visit the doctor for ultrasound scans which will provide support to the expectant mother. If possible, participate in the antenatal care classes with her.
  •  Include yourself in making decisions about the baby and labour. Help her choose the right hospital for delivery, contribute to baby name options, plan baby shower and baby expenses, understand delivery options etc. it is also good to research about umbilical cord stem cell banking and help her make the right decision.
  • Are you scared and confused? Not sure how to take care of the baby or be a good father? You are not alone, almost all fathers face this situation and it is quite normal. Get advice from your friends who have experienced fatherhood or look up to your father for support and advice.
  •  Read pregnancy books that shed light on the role of a father in pregnancy, labour and after child birth. This will help you to handle even unexpected situations with confidence.
  • Nine months, the time for you to practice for sleepless nights after child birth. It may be frustrating or crazy, if you have not prepared; so try to manage time between work and personal life.
  • Let her know that she looks beautiful. Most pregnant women worry about their physical appearance and weight gain which may lead to emotional stress or depression. Throw romantic gestures and let her know how pretty she looks. This is one way of supporting your wife to get through pregnancy happily.
  • Plan for a babymoon (a romantic trip for the parents-to-be before the baby is born) or any short vacation for a day or 2. This will refresh both of you from the stress of pregnancy and parenthood. You can also invite friends over to have parties or baby shower to make her feel special and stress-free.
  • Your partner has to give up a lot to prepare for pregnancy including favourite food, sleeping pattern, socializing etc. You can also join her; give up the old lifestyle and change to a healthier one to encourage your partner.
  • Get ready for the big day from your side by checking the hospital, memorizing the hospital route, keeping the car ready, preparing the contact list and expenses for the delivery. Do not forget to inform for paid holidays at work in advance.
  •  Understand labour and the possible complications related to it. This way, you can be also be prepared and take an informed decision at the time of need. Talk to your wife and know what or how she wants the delivery and also discuss about the expenses after child birth.

Be her friend. With mood swings and rushing emotions, she needs a companion to share the pregnancy experience and its effects on her body. Listening to your wife will increase bonding between the two. 


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