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Lamaze Childbirth Classes

Labour and Childbirth

Lamaze Childbirth Classes: What to Expect?

Childbirth classes aim at preparing the expectant mother to have a healthy, natural child birth and provide information about labour, postpartum health, breastfeeding, parenthood etc. Lamaze is one of the popular childbirth courses that help pregnant women to replace their negative fears about pregnancy with positive thoughts, make an informed choice about labour and have a natural and healthy childbirth.

Lamaze Sessions

Lamaze class was originally developed by a French obstetrician, Ferdinand Lamaze as a method of pain relief. Later, it gained popularity and modified as childbirth class which prepares women for a healthy childbirth and provided with coping skills, relaxation techniques, patterned breathing for comfort during labour and birth.

In general, the Lamaze classes include the following:


  • Usually the Lamaze classes begin in the third trimester and run for 6-8 sessions with one session each week. 
  • The initial session focuses on the physical, anatomical and emotional changes that occur in the body, close to third trimester symptoms.
  • This is followed by training in progressive relaxation and breathing techniques during labour, pain coping skills to face labour apart from remedies to handle pregnancy discomforts.
  • These classes will also explain about breast feeding, lactation and explain the symptoms and signs of labour.
  • Your spouse can also attend these classes to know how he can help you.
  • There should be not more than 12-15 couples in a session to have better focus and interaction.

It is important to consult your gynecologist before participating in such childbirth classes. It is recommended to opt for classes run by certified child birth educators.


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