Pregnancy To-Do List for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy to-do List

The joy of being pregnant is boundless for every women and it multiplies after the baby is born. Pregnant mothers undergo various physical and emotional changes for 9 months which is pretty much a roller coaster ride. In order to enjoy this special period, keep your everyday activities organized which includes diet, work schedule, lifestyle and doctor appointments. Prepare a ‘to-do list’ which will include all the pregnancy related things. You can update the list whenever new requirements arise and keep it ready so that you can enjoy your pregnancy without regrets.

Here is a list of few important things that can be added to your Pregnancy To-Do List:

  • Fix an appointment with your gynecologist and learn more about pregnancy, diet, appointment schedule etc.
  • Stay active through yoga or walking routine.
  • Sign up or antenatal care classes or online pregnancy forums.
  • Start a healthy diet, rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains with the help of your physician.
  • Prepare a calendar for your screening tests and scan appointments.
  • If you are working, let your employer know about it. You can also understand your benefits at work.
  • Arrange funds for the delivery expenses and nursery preparation.
  • Start buying things required for the baby like the baby cribs, clothes etc.
  • Learn the signs of labour from your gynecologist.
  • Decide on the umbilical cord stem cell banking service which will come in handy to treat over 80 medical conditions.
  • Pack a hospital bag for the delivery that contains all the essentials for you and the baby.
  • Plan your maternity leave dates and inform your employer well in advance.

You can customize and add more things to the list based on your requirement.


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