Pregnancy Myths: How Well Do You Know?

Comfort During Pregnancy

Pregnant women receive advice from everybody and most of the precautious tips are just old wives tales. During pregnancy, the soon-to-be mothers constantly think about these myths and panic whether they are true or not. Check out some of the pregnancy advices given below and see if they are true or just a myth:

The baby’s position in the uterus can reveal its sex

False! You can’t tell the baby’s sex from outside the uterus.  Also, you cannot predict the sex by holding a ring with a string over the bump.

If your mother had an easy delivery, so will you

False. It is not possible to predict, if your pregnancy and delivery will be easy or difficult based on the hereditary factors. However, it depends on the size, position of the baby, your diet, lifestyle changes, health etc.

Sleeping on your back will harm the baby

False again! Sleeping on the left side will provide comfort to the expectant mother and it is not necessary that one should always sleep on the left side. Your baby will be safe even if you sleep on your back.

Expectant mothers should eat for two

Surprisingly it is untrue. The growing baby requires only an additional 300 calories per day so eat as per your body’s need and avoid excess weight gain which may lead to complications.

A bigger baby is a healthy baby

This popular belief is false too. The average birth weight of babies is 3.5 kg and may slightly differ. According to researchers, bigger babies tend to suffer from obesity and diabetes in the later stages of life.

Saffron enhances baby’s complexion in the womb

By now, you must know that it is false. Saffron has no ability to lighten the skin tone of babies but it is filled with other benefits for pregnant women. Having saffron during pregnancy is good as it improves digestion, controls common cold symptoms and mood swings, aid in handling emotional stress etc.

Get help from gynecologists, professional child birth educators etc., to clear your queries about pregnancy in a right way than blindly following the pregnancy myths.


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