Right Time to Announce Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy to-do List

Discovering pregnancy is one of the happiest moments of motherhood, however sharing that happiness with family and friends require a certain time period to be sure. As soon as you see a positive result in the home pregnancy test, you may want to let the entire world know the good news and share your happiness but it is wise to wait till you confirm it. Most people aren’t sure, when is the right time to let the near and dear ones know about the new addition to the family. This article will help you figure out the right time to make the official announcement about your little sweet pea.

Step 1:

Take a home pregnancy test if you have missed your monthly period. If it is positive, share it with your spouse but you need further tests to confirm the good news.

Step 2:

Book an appointment with your doctor for a scan or a blood test to confirm pregnancy. If the results are positive, then it is time to celebrate with your spouse. Although men have mixed reactions, this will surely bring happiness to your partner.

Step 3:

Ask your physician about your health and the development of the fetus. If there were previous miscarriages, it may place you in risk pregnancy category. It is advisable to listen to your gynecologist and then let your family know about the pregnancy.

Step 4:

The pregnancy that passed 12 weeks is generally considered healthy and the chances of miscarriage risk reduces after this period so most pregnant women wait till the first trimester to announce their pregnancy to friends. This will also give you the time to mentally prepare for motherhood responsibilities.

Step 5:

During pregnancy, women need all the help and support they can get, so telling your colleagues at work is a good move. You will receive support and aid in office as they will understand your concerns.

Step 6:

You can go creative and make announcement of your baby’s arrival through personalized cards or emails. This way, you can announce the happy news to all your friends and family before your tummy shows.  It will also give them enough time to organize the baby shower.

There is no right or wrong time to announce your pregnancy to your close circle. It is a personal decision based on your comfort and choices. Whether you choose to share it to the entire world or keeping it as a fun secret is completely your pick as far as it brings you happiness. So, go ahead and let the world know your junior’s official date of arrival in your own sweet time.


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