Top 10 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Comfort During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, it is crucial to take special care of yourself and the growing baby for a healthy pregnancy. Eating nutritious foods, having a healthy lifestyle and following the routine throughout the gestation period makes it efficient.

Here are some simple tips that will help you have a healthy pregnancy, if followed regularly:

Having a balanced diet is the key

Have nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits along with legumes, whole wheat, cereals etc., at regular intervals. Avoid oily and spicy food to ease your pregnancy symptoms. Plan your food intake and have it as 4 -5 light meals every day.

Fluids will help you manage

Drink sufficient water and fluids to maintain the retention of water in your body. This will help you control constipation, indigestion, dryness, fatigue, bloating and gas. Avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks which may have serious effects during pregnancy.

Do not miss prenatal supplements

Doctors prescribe prenatal vitamin and mineral supplements for the normal growth and development. Do not skip these supplements as they can prevent preterm labour and many serious health concerns in the newborn.

Folic acid is essential

During pregnancy, have folic acid (supplement) or folate (natural source of folic acid) to avoid various health problems. They are rich in green leafy vegetables, oranges, avocado etc.

Stay active through simple workouts

Consult your gynecologist about your health before undergoing any workouts such as running, cardio exercise, yoga, swimming or aerobics. However, walking is a mild and good workout which will keep your body active and strong.

Overheating of the body is not good

Your body might tend to get over heated during pregnancy which is common. Try to avoid direct sun by walking in shade or stay inside when the temperature is at its peak. Drink plenty of water, use moisturizers and eat natural cooling foods to beat the heat.

Prenatal appointments are crucial

It is necessary to attend the prenatal checkups and regular tests to ensure the health of the baby. You can utilize this time to ask the gynecologist about your pregnancy related queries and get it clear. A medical opinion is always better than unreliable sources.

Keep it cool

Your mental health is as important as your physical health so keep your stress and anxiety at bay through relaxation techniques. Meditation, listening to music or reading books can relieve your stress. Get along with your friends and do your favourite things to keep your head cool.

Maternity clothes offer comfort and fashion

If you do not like the boring look of loose, baggy clothes to cover the growing tummy, choose comfortable maternity wear. There are maternity jeans, dresses, skirts and kurtas that will help you stay comfortable without sacrificing fashion.

It’s time to treat yourself

Pregnancy might stress you and cause mood swings and physical discomforts. The best way to overcome these discomforts is to divert your mind to the positive things that pregnancy brings. Enjoy your baby shower, give it a little to your food cravings, hit the spa and relax your mind, enjoy your favourite book or movie and try to have fun.


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