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Pregnancy Care

Are you worried about the wellness of you and your baby during pregnancy? A comprehensive range of articles on pregnancy care tips, advices and information that will answer your queries, doubts and fears.

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, it is crucial to take special care of yourself and the growing baby for a healthy pregnancy. Eating nutritious foods, having a healthy lifestyle and following the routine throughout the gestation period makes it efficient.

Pregnancy Support: Who is a Good Listener?

Being pregnant for the first time can be difficult due to the pregnancy stress and mood swings. The good news is that you are not alone and there are people to support you throughout the pregnancy period. The trick is to find the right people who can listen to your problems

Pregnancy Myths: How Well Do You Know?

Pregnant women receive advice from everybody and most of the precautious tips are just old wives tales.

Effects of Obesity on Pregnancy

Obesity has become a common health disorder in adults and children around the world. It gets worse in pregnant women as it may also affect the baby inside the womb. Obesity or overweight during pregnancy may lead to various health risks such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, chances of cesarean delivery etc.

12 Reasons why is it great to have another baby?

Taking care of babies and toddlers might seem overwhelming but the joy of having them around is the best feeling that a mother can have. Some pregnant women might worry about having another baby in the late 30s or 40s thinking about the risks of late pregnancy.

4D Ultrasound Scans: A New Trend in Pregnancy Care

Having an ultrasound scan during pregnancy is a part of prenatal care to check the growth and normal development of the baby inside the womb. These scans can detect any developmental abnormality in the baby so that necessary actions can be performed.