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Pregnancy Care

Are you worried about the wellness of you and your baby during pregnancy? A comprehensive range of articles on pregnancy care tips, advices and information that will answer your queries, doubts and fears.

Water Birth: What is it all about?

Water birth is a new evolving child birth concept in India while it is a widely preferred option in abroad. Water birth is a process in which the mother undergoes at least a part of labour, child birth or both while she is in a warm water pool.

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy Over 35 Years

Although the chances of becoming pregnant are slim after 35 years of age, most women have perfectly healthy babies. There are risks in late pregnancy but they can be handled with advancement in the medical world along with few lifestyle changes.

Newborn Vaccination in India

A baby inside the womb is safe from infections due to the mother’s immunity and prenatal vaccinations administered to her. When the baby is born, necessary vaccinations will protect him/her from various infectious diseases and offers good health.

Lamaze Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes aim at preparing the expectant mother to have a healthy, natural child birth and provide information about labour, postpartum health, breastfeeding, parenthood etc. Lamaze is one of the popular childbirth courses that help pregnant women to replace their negative fears about pregnancy

Breastfeeding Helps Kids Grow Smarter and Richer

After child birth, elders, physicians, pediatricians and child birth educators advise new mums to breastfeed their newborns for the health and development of the babies. Now, scientists from Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil also advise breastfeeding for newborns based on their 30 years of research.

Best Labour Positions for Pregnant Women

During labour, most medical practitioners make the pregnant women lie flat on the hospital bed or lying down with their legs raised during labour and child birth.

First time Pregnancy? Things to Know about Antenatal Classes

The joy of pregnancy will be immense for every expectant mother but it can be little scary, if this is your first pregnancy. These mixed emotions are quite common in pregnant women and can be handled by understanding pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

10 Effective Tips for Good Sleep during Pregnancy

Most pregnant mothers are less likely to experience good sleep every day. During pregnancy, insomnia or disturbed sleep pattern is quite normal along with stress and anxiety. Here are some tips to help you get some quality sleep: